Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sleep...eluding sleep

Its frigging four in the morning and i still cant go to sleep. All my brain can do at this time is look at the coincident rhyming of "frigging four" and laugh!

So Generally, why can't people sleep?

Snowden can't sleep because he does not have a home. This guy surely had to be sleepless. At least I hope so. 20 something countries are said to have turned down his asylum request. The Indian govt tweeted that they don't have a positive response. Imagine that, They tweeted! U won't find this funny unless u had Indian government office experience in ur life. If not, well I'm not in a mood to explain, remember? Its frigging four and I cannot sleep, last thing I'm gonna do is explain my joke.

I just googled sleepless and I learn that 20% of Americans aren't asleep, I sure hope so, it's broad daylight over there now, if there is only 20% that are not asleep and rest sleeping, then God save America.

Oh and there is another search result, 2% ppl have super powers, so that's why they dont sleep. Hmm, I wonder what my super power is. I see open windows, Maybe I should test, jump out and try to fly. Bur no cape! im sure super power does not work without thr right accessories.. What is batman without his bat wings, what is super man without his red undies and cape? Just plain normal sleepless people!

Actually I don't give a shitake mushroom why other people cant sleep! Why the hell can't I sleep???