Friday, January 29, 2010

Kerala - Green excess

Glimpses of the village that I was lucky enough to 'come from'. All school vacations were spent here with the grandparents. Click on the image to see a larger view.

Bridges, the main way of transport to neighbour's houses:

There are multiple islands as seen below in the 2 photos, in the middle of paddy fields. These islands usually house a single hut and numerous coconut trees. Seen here is our neighbour's property. un occupied for nearly a decade. Now you know why the place is still pristine. Its void of people - the chief pollutants.

Another neighbour dries the firewood that got wet due to the morning showers

Spend a week here and the memories of colours other than green will fade away from your brain! whats seen below is the view from the front yard of the house

Seen below is the beloved backyard where we spent whole vacations hanging on trees and scouring up earthworms and other similarly highly intellectual activities.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The memory collector

And one more year passed. And one more day passed.

Did anything special happen today?

Not really.. but thats okay. Every single passing moment need not be special. As long as I get special moments now and then, I will survive. But I do need the special moments and some special days and I do want to put them all locked and cherished in my memory. Because, thats what I live for. Those memories, they are my life.

I AM.... THE MEMORY COLLECTOR. well... one of them

Heres to a happy new year and an amazing one at that.