Tuesday, March 3, 2009


You might already know, FUD is not a relative of a colourful member of our vocabulory. Its something I have, its something all of us have. Its one thing that I am just not able to get rid of totally. But then, if I did get rid of it, I would become the head of the ISRO. well, that would complicate things a lot. A lot.

Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt. In short, FUD. A tactic used widely in sales by sales people of well established companies, to sell their products. When a customer has some doubt about a competitor product, sales people of the better known company capitalise on this uncertainty to sell more of their products.

FUD - also a reason why I am not a rocket scientist. There is always a silver lining you see. That lining is for you people (if you didnt grasp what is intended here). If i were a rocket scientist, then God sure will have to come down to save the universe.

Unknown territory offers all of us loads of FUD. The bolder brethren, better known as 'the successful people' are the ones who are ready to face the fear, uncertainty and doubt of things that they do not know clearly, but yet overcome the FUD factors. Mostly they are rewarded with success, sometimes they do not get immediate success, but it sure adds to their experience and perhaps makes them wiser; Conditions apply.

This happens everyday to us, perhaps every hour, with every action that we do that is not included in our routine. When we do not know the exact outcome or the possible outcome of some action, we hesitate. Ranging from taking an alternate road route instead of sticking to the regular route to trying out a new job instead of sticking to the same profile that you have handled in the past years, FUD rules and rocks! While we hesitate and choose not to take risks, one of two things have happened - we missed out on a good opportunity or we missed getting hurt.

The objective of this post is not to create a manual on breaking your FUD, if you are interested in it, theres google - for providing inputs for the manual. Here, I am just acknowledging this entity, identifying it as a threat but also as a sort of a balancing agent that keeps us from becoming over confident. Where there is uncertainty and doubt, there is also a lot of preparation, that is good, but where there is fear, we fail to take up the opportunities that come by our way. Try to get a hang on this. I sure am trying.