Saturday, August 10, 2013

Preg talk 1

Me: That guy looks like Christian Bale
He: No way
Me: Yes he does
He: Of course he does not
Me: (slow head turn towards him, one eyebrow raised with a killer evil look) I am pregnant and I will be for a while, this is the time you have to agree with everything I say. so?
He: Hmm, yes he does look like him
Me: like who?
He: Christian Bale
Me: (sitting back relaxed) Good.
and the day goes on peacefully

Husband did a kind gesture. 
Me: you are so sweet. please stay this way. One of us has to be sweet, because I am going to be a bitch for a while
Him: (after an eye roll) a while?
Me: what?!
Him: erm...nothing dear

Me: dude..that was such a poor joke
He: jokes were alwyas like this, you don't like them nowadays because of ur hormonal imbalance
Me: hm, u r learning..

"I dont like masala.. I dont like rice.. I dont like chicken curry..
I dont like a lot of things nowadays.."
(slow head turn towards him with what is now a routine of one raised eyebrow with the evil look)
"You! You count yourselves lucky you are not one of them"

This last one came out so good I am thinking of making a video, and adding the dr.evil finger move at the end..