Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The guilty generation

  • Punishing yourself for no apparent reason.
  • Living a loser's life by letting go what could be yours if you had focussed and worked towards it,
  • Wanting to have no interest in people, work and the things around you...

In other words,

  • Penance,
  • Sacrifice,
  • Denial of worldly pleasures..

Sometimes we are a confused lot. What should ideally be considered as a psychiatric condition that should be cured is considered as righteousness and spirituality. If a person loses interest in everything around him, inflicts pain on himself, runs away from happiness like its a plague, shouldnt we take him to a doctor and get his head examined? Much worse, what if he starts preaching these things to other people and calls it religion?

Should we acknowledge and agree that we should feel guilty for happiness or should we just tell him to shut up and get lost?