Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The pleasure of nonsense. We are loving it

Temporary brain coma made enjoyable by our Thalaivar.

Rajnikanth starrer Endhiran (the robot) released last friday to unprecedented ticket buy-outs and the usual craziness that is attached to any Rajni release. We all can send zillion jokes about Rajni, but the undeniable truth is that he gives real meaning to the phrase 'larger than life'.

This most expensive project of Indian movie industry had made more than what was spent in its making before it saw the first weekend out. Still going strong, it will probably be the best money maker that tamil/hindi cinema has ever seen.

Getting tickets to watch the spectacle.

Come on brains, lets play dead, it will be fun :D


Li. said...

u've watched it yet, or not? if u haven't, I am dragging u to the nearest theatre...

Sneha said...

he he. not yet, but going to watch the coming week/weekend

Sneha said...

and watched it finally.
the effects and chitti were brilliant! dot


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