Saturday, October 16, 2010


Yes, the sun rises in Chennai. But on that day, I did wonder how many of us would miss it if it did not turn up one morning... Granted, we will miss the light, but who will miss the beauty?

That was just the start of the day. Seen above is the sunrise among koyambedu traffic. But, it was a different sunset for me that day. It felt nice to be there to witness the beauty away from the blaring horns and the dust and smoke.

Good people, Nagalapuram waits, for those who care to explore, roughly 2 hours north of chennai.
Images en route.

First view
Fruits of labour

Fringe benefits ;) - the fishes give me a free pedicure in crystal clear waters

Closing ceremony
A day of pebble paths, unforgiving rocks, cuts and bruises, photography, nature, like minded company, pure air, pristine water and a shy sunset. I rate it first class! :)


Li. said...

dat was a good trek... dot ;-)

Sneha said...

oh ya it was :)

Senthilkumar Chellaiyya said...

hey really cool!

thnx to let know Nagala(puram)exists, v wnt to yelagiri in bike a couple of weeks back & were planning for the next trip smthng near by, this will do!

thnx again

ps: my friends loved and are eager for the trip, one fellow even questions hw cm such a beautiful place neary by chennai?

Sneha said...

hi Senthil, happy to help!
i have posted only the nice photos, not of the pebble paths :) going first time, i suggest you take the help of a native or go with some trekking club. CTC (chennai trekkers club) are experts in nagala trails. this place is not commercial AT ALL. not like yelagiri. I suggest you go with ctc once or twice to familiarise yourself with the terrain before going by yourself. I will send you the club's details. i have been with them more than once and I loved the way they lead.

notgogol said...

Have never heard of this place. Seems like a good trek. Unfortunately, there is no energy!

ro$han said...


Sneha said...

notgogol, this didnt take too much energy. actually, i did it, so any living thing can :P

Roshan, told you :/

Sri said...

Hi ,

Are u professional photographer ..
PICS are really cool yar !!

Sneha said...

Hi, Not professional. But thanks anyway :)

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