Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The quest tales

People of Chennai! My dear brethren!
As I stand here in front of you, I have only one thing to ask of you.

I have to make a choice, and I need your help. I cannot do this just by myself, armed with so little. In this dark hour of need, all I ask for is, your advice

Show your generosity to mankind and leave your comments.

Where in Chennai in your opinion, do you find the best biryani?

I have a small list. Buhari. Samco. Coronet. Where else? where else??
I hope you see the urgency of this matter. Please, leave a comment and let me know.

A small army is waiting for adventure. not deprive us of what we deserve. btw, u r welcome to join the quest too.


vishaka said...

my two cents - amaravathi - used to be good, not sure now.

Rhetoric Ranter said...

Absolutely no doubt - Kaiyenthi Bhavan ;)
But try the Hyderabadi Biryani or Samco used to be good once upon a time, not sure now though!!

'Niroo' Ravi - Copywriter, Creative thinker, Blogger, Pot painter, Bongo banger, Angel, Devil, Freak said...

My colleagues' inputs (to confirm it is not mine, lol):

- Kaaraikudi Restaurant (juicy meat chunks)
- Marhaba Tirumana Biryani (Greams Rd, T Nagar)
- Ponnuswamy hotel
- Pandian hotel

'Niroo' Ravi - Copywriter, Creative thinker, Blogger, Pot painter, Bongo banger, Angel, Devil, Freak said...

And on another topic of interest - waffles -
Sandy's Lab waffles are yummmmmmmm (went to Coffee World last Sat, and from there to Sandy's - just cos I wanted to sample those waffles - double treat, hehe)

Sneha said...

aahaa... whatte nice list i have already!
thank you thank you..
god bless you my dear friends :)

zareen said...

oh dear i am so sorry.....i never thought this would happen after that mind blowing (foody) chat.....hahhaha...i don't know much abt chennai restaurants....but still i googled abt it for u and got this info...HOtel Virudhunagar Ayyanar, Usman road, T.Nagar, offers great biryani...go for it and taste it. Very soon i will also join u...ALL THE VERY BEST. Think abt me while attacking your plate of biryani.:-P

Sneha said...

and thats Zareen for you :)
The one who planted the seeds of this biryani rush in my innocent brain ;)

notgogol said...

So how was it? I'm talking about the biryani btw.

Sneha said...

im just halfway thru the project. So far tried three of the places my friends suggested. found them real good. plans are laid out to visit all the other recommended places as well. food is serious business u see :)